It is always time for some cheesecake at Keet Rotterdam

Keet Rotterdam is a concept store with a personal touch. Something I am always looking for because nowadays there are so many concept stores out there that are just clones of each other. As long as it’s hip it’s good.

Keet is hip and cool but also has a uniqueness to it that I find charming. From the interior design that is a mixture of 50s coffee-house and a laid back friends livingroom to the collection of products on display. Here you can find everything from tiny plants to baby clothes, from jewellery to organic toiletry. The best thing: You can wash your expenses down with a delectable coffee and a fluffy creamy cheesecake which for me is the essential go to reason. First get the cheesecake then start thinking about shopping.

What this shop provides 100% of the time: A wonderful gift for a birthday or any other Occasion and definitely some unique knick-knacks that give your home your personal touch.

Prices are in the mid ranges with a couple of bargains nestled in between. They rent out spaces to local creatives so their collection changes every three months and gives other designers and through that each shopper the cool opportunity to experience something new on a regular basis.

Shop Shop Away.



Oppert 2a, 3011 HV Rotterdam