by jarmusch

By Jarmusch I swear this place is awesome

God Dammit. I love movie themed restaurants especially if they are done right! Still waiting on my Cafe 80s from Back to the Future. But for now I am very happy to have chowed down at By Jarmusch on some delectable soup and half-sandwiches (classic diner stuff) in this Jim Jarmusch themed diner/lunch/restaurant.

From the waitresses outfits to the interior design, from the menu items to the poster prints of Bill Murray and the Wu Tang Clan having coffee (Coffee and Cigarettes Movie) I loved it all. The whole place has an airy feel to it with an upstairs gallery for larger groups. Of course in my opinion the best place is right at the oval-shaped bar where I enjoyed my food and watched the hustle and bustle of every day life pass me by.

If you see the awesome mug on some of the pictures …. I asked if they sell them and unfortunately they do not…which is literally insane. I would have bought 5.

The menu is breakfast oriented as By Jarmusch closes at 4pm so you find everything from sandwiches and subs (all delicious) to classics like omelets, pancakes and waffles. The classic diner filter coffee is brewed at your table and comes in a jug like it is supposed to be – sometimes I really enjoy this watered down “coffee” it just fits with the whole idea of a diner….but for the real coffee drinkers they make the real versions too…so no panic please.

The service is charming and reliable and I enjoyed every moment there. I will be back and next time I want my mug!

Oh and before I forget of course filter coffee comes with free refills just like in every diner or any movie with a diner in it.

I drink a lot of coffee before I go to sleep so I can dream faster.


By Jarmusch

Het Industriegebouw, Goudsesingel 64, 3011 KD Rotterdam