Suicide Club

No Jumping Required – The Suicide Club

The name might be in bad taste as it is the only rooftop bar in Rotterdam but seriously if you get offended so easily you might wanna stay at home altogether. The bar itself has a retro style to it and a touch of steam punk. Floor to ceiling windows give a great view over the city and invite to stay for a drink, a dinner or a party. The coal heated grill delivers delectable dishes till midnight. What might be even more interesting is that the only entrance into the Suicide Club is actually with an elevator that opens into the kitchen. In the first second I actually thought I might be on the wrong floor.

What I didn’t get to experience was a night out at the Suicide Club. I kind of have a feeling that it has a really good vibe to it and might be a perfect start into a killer party night out.

The convenient location right next to the train station makes it easily accessible. I hopped in for a couple of drinks right before leaving the beautiful and weird city of Rotterdam.

Bottoms up!

Oh and someone told me that you might need a membership (registered through the website easily) which I couldn’t find on the website. So they might have gotten rid of it. As this is somehow a bit of a hotspot at night I would recommend making reservations before hand so you definitely get a nice table.

Even though I didn’t have any food the menu looks delicious. My order would definitely order something that comes out of the charcoal grill like the octopus skewers or the short rib, combine it with the Natsu rolls and absolutely some Oysters (if you love Oysters as much as I do).



The Suicide Club

Stationsplein 45, 3013 AK Rotterdam