Beers and Churches – A concept that works at Jopen

Built into an old church this restaurant is unique just because of its location. Its interior design that mixes original aspects of the church like the painted glass windows with contemporary designs is a bold approach. Especially the upper floor covered wall to wall with oriental rugs is an inspired idea. Not reason enough to visit? How about that thanks to Jopen and its own brewery Haarlem one of Netherlands former beer cities is back with its first own beer after the last brewery closed in 1820. Or how about their diverse menu that incorporates their love for beer by introducing these aspects into the meals? To be honest, the delicious Gin they distill themselves is a reason to hang out here by itself, chill, relax and get buzzed.


From the starters like the pumpkin (beer?) soup and salmon salad to the entrecote with Jopen beer infused gravy, asparagus and yellow beets everything was prepared with a love for detail. I finished it of with a cheese platter (four Dutch cheeses, plum compote, nut bread) and a beeramisu (I think the name is self-explanatory). I also had the chance to accompany each dish with the perfect beer that the team behind Jopen recommends.

Finally Jopen Gin Tonic with a Mediterranean fever tree tonic and two slices of red bell pepper (paprika).

Side Notes:

5years construction time!

The team managed to find two recipes from a long time ago (sorry I forgot the year) and reconstructed the beer that you can enjoy now at the Jopen restaurant.

Their second location in Hoofddorp is also located in a church and instead of a brewery they have a distillery.

In 3-4 years their first whiskey will be ready.

And more about the city of Haarlem riiiight here!

Bottoms Up!



Gedempte Voldersgracht 2

2011 WD Haarlem