Bleyenberg and the House of Wonders

This building is the new home of Het Magazijn/Bleyenberg and split up into five floors. Creating a place that represents a fusion of working spaces, rentable rooms for meetings, lunches and parties. The house has a restaurant, two floors of office rooms, a club and a rooftop bar. Basically they just decided to cram as much as possible into one space but still harmonizes. A high set goal that they reached and I am sure will bloom even more in the future.

The renting spaces are designed with a minimalistic retro 70s vibe that is quite pleasing to the eye. Basically the whole interior design of the building is well thought through. From top to bottom (except the club that I didn’t see which you guys have to check out yourselves)

But lets stick to the gist.

The Food:

My menu was made up of a tomato soup with homemade whole grain croutons on the side, a delicious picanha (tail end of a cow) served in cast iron plate drizzled with chimichurri and an oven roasted cauliflower with olive crisps (a paste made out of pureed olives and oven roasted into chips.

All my dishes were tasty and perfectly prepared. The only thing you need to know is that unless told otherwise all dishes will arrive at the same time as the idea of the restaurant is the shared dish thing which is very hot in most restaurants right now. So if you want your dishes to come in courses say so because you can avoid my mistake that I had to eat the picanha first and then the tomato soup so my meat wouldn’t get cold.

Afterwards head up to the rooftop bar with a very easygoing vibe and without any hassle that usually comes with posh rooftop bars. I would describe it as a place for friends to hang out and enjoy a drink while watching the sunset. Get my drift?

I am excited for the future of Bleyenberg and will be back for seconds.

If you wanna read more about the city of Den Haag click riiight here or for a quick tour through the city here.


Grote Markt 10

2511 BG Den Haag