Walking on sunshine in Den Haag

For a city that has half a million residents Den Haag still has a wonderful tiny town feel to it which makes this one of my favorite cities in Holland (for now… i might actually make a top ten list at some point).

As the sun rises in the morning I can hear the seagulls calling me to the sea. Time to pack my stuff.

Camera. Swim Trunks. Sun Screen. Rash Guard, Towel … Check!. Good Music and Good Vibes … Check!

My ride from the center of the city were I am staying in the fabulous Indigo Hotel is over within 30 minutes and boom I am standing on a sandy beach. The breeze is fantastic, the scent of the ocean is intoxicating and as always I am happy to be close to the sea.

First things first! I need see what that Ferris Wheel ride is all about. So I have the option to walk there outside but as the wind is blowing my head off I am thankful for having the option to get to the SkyView Ferris Wheel (www.skyviewdepier.nl) through the shopping area… bit touristy but damn warm – so I am definitely not complaining.

The ride with the wheel is very cool especially as I was there in the morning, had a whole cabin to myself and the shore break was hitting the beach hard and made for some amazing shots.

Soon I am back on the ground – time to get moving. As I walk along the beachfront enjoying the view past the monumentally looking Kurhaus I check out all the beach bars/restaurants and settle for the Bora Bora Restaurant/Bar (www.borabora.nl) to chow down on some grub. One of my favorite things about this place are the open fire pits that are scattered around the restaurant right in front of your face spending warmth as the wind cools me down. After a couple of iced teas some bitterballen and a delicious spare ribs burger (I would recommend combining it with some mustard to balance the sweet marinade of the ribs) I am off!

Next stop: A quick tour through Sea Life,(www.visitsealife.com/scheveningen-nl/) an aquarium right at the beach. This is a perfect place for kids as they can enjoy the exhibits and even interact and learn a lot. The whole place is designed for kids with nooks and crannies to crawl/look through and a whole area designed to look like a pirate ship.

It’s not the biggest or fanciest aquarium but it has its charm especially for kids.

From there I take a leisure stroll along the beach enjoying the sunshine as I stumble upon a group of sculptures. These 23 sculptures are called Fairytale Figures by the Sea and were created by the artist Tom Otterness. A project realized by Museum Beelden aan Zee the freely accessible pieces combine humor with a serious insight into the human mind from oppression to greed all within the fairytale world.

For me this is a highlight on my visit to the Scheveningen beach in Den Haag.

The walk ends at the Aloha surf company were I finally suit up in a wetsuit to finally go surfing, all the time wondering why it took me so long to find this beautiful city and its mesmerizing beach front.

Happiness is all around you here in Den Haag.


Here are some additional moody pics for you to get excited!