Best Pizza in Split

Take a slice of that lovely thang! Best Pizza in Split

I may have not been to a lot of places in Croatia but I gotta say I truly love Split. I think its the mixture of old town, new hip vibes, easy access to the sea, lovely view from the hilltops over the city and amazing food and entertainment and here I was looking for the best in Pizza in Split.

I was there in the middle of August at the height of Tourism season and I still had an amazing time.

One of those moments was having dinner at the best Pizzeria in Split – Bokamorra Pizzeria. It is in walking distance of Old Town and after a 10-minute stroll I arrived at this wonderful haven of round shaped delicacies.

“Best Pizza in Split”

The design of the restaurant

is a mixture of a gentlemen’s bar with plush u-shaped sofa booths, old school menu designs and retro themed paintings thrown together with understatement hipster interior designs like the low key tables at the front, the Tanqueray Gin Wall or the indirect lighting. It makes it hard to pinpoint what the idea behind the interior design was and to be honest I loved every corner of that place. It is refreshing to see a design that isn’t copy pasted from almost every hipster cafe I have been to in the recent years.

Let’s get down to the gist: THE FOOD.

The Pizza is a creative interpretation of the classic Neapolitan Pizza with a bit softer and puffier crust. The variations are also quite interesting especially my “meatlovers” Pizza called Porco Mui that comes with a tiny plate of lard to enhance flavors. I honestly didn’t need it as the flavors were just perfect and I basically inhaled mine. Even the classic Margherita was on top of its game and the blend of cheese and tomato sauce was perfectly balanced.

The varieties of cocktails are also enticing with a couple of outstanding signature drinks like the Bokamorra Negroni and the Rasperry Beret (love the Prince reference). We went with a Rose Prosecco for the rest of the evening that was to die for and had a reasonable price. The background music, a mix of oldschool classics and upbeat jazz, was keeping us glued to our seats and as the last guests disappeared we were still chatting with the waiters and slowly let an evening full of delights and wonders fade away.

Keep up the good work and I will definitely be back for seconds. The best Pizza in Split!

Bon Appetit.


Bokamorra Pizzeria
Trumbićeva obala 16, 21000,
Split, Croatia

They only have a facebook site, no website.

Open daily from 12PM-1AM

“Best Pizza in Split”