AVIS Car Rental Review

Time to hit the road – AVIS Car Rental Review

The plan was straightforward. Take a plane (read the airline review here) to Larnaca in Cyprus. Get a rental car and go on an epic road trip through the lovely country of Cyprus (Greek Side). So I thought why not dive into a review with a couple of tips and tricks about how it all went down with AVIS  / Avis Car Rental Review.

Basically I did my order through their online website. Even though I had previously tested a lot of other companies before mostly no name local companies were my experience was highly fluctuating I wanted to see if a famous brand would change my experience. I have to say that there is a difference and it is definitely something to consider for your next trip.

Avis Car Rental Review
AVIS Car Rental Review

First of all what I love is the Avis Preferred Program were I just registered for free and was already in the express rental program. What does that mean? Well, as soon as I arrive at any Avis Rental Desk (mostly on airports in my case) they already have everything set up to go for me. This means: No signatures, credit card swipes or sales/insurance games. Just pick up the key and start the engines. In some countries you get actually dropped of in front of your car by a shuttle bus. GENIUS.

The second cool thing is that with my first order I started saving point for free rental days. I don’t rent a lot of cars on my trips so I probably won’t be getting a lot of points but for a business travelers this should be intriguing.

Back to my AVIS Car Rental Review in Cyprus!

The counter was incredibly easy to find and inside the main airport so I just followed the signs and got there in a minute. The whole procedure didn’t take long. (If you are interested you can upgrade insurance and class at the desk. I didn’t, as I was not planning on doing any off road action.)

After that I followed the directions outside to the pick-up area where a friendly employee showed me my car for the week a spotless white (so many cars in Cyprus are white….I don’t get it) mid class car. After a quick walk around I got the keys and sat on the right side.

YES Cyprus has left hand traffic and here is the most important tip: ALWAYS ALWAYS get automatic gear and a navigation system (unless you use your phone) if you are not accustomed to left hand traffic. You will need all your grey cells to stay focused and this way you can reduce distractions as much as possible. As I have driven in a couple of countries on the left hand side before this was only weird for the first 5 minutes.

“Avis Car Rental Review Cyprus”

My car, a KIA CEED had all the necessary amenities – Navigation included, USB port, Bluetooth sound connection and of course AC. It would have had enough room for a family (ideally not more than 4) with their luggage but I was very happy to be on the road with my friend.

The roads in Cyprus are all well paved with any potholes or other things that could possibly damage the tires or the car. Here is TIP 2: There are a couple of sights especially if you want to see the nature side of Cyprus where you have to go off road and sometimes drive over unpaved rocky roads which are actually only made for buggies. In this case either get full coverage or rent a 4×4 ATV like I did for a day.

The entire whole road trip went as smooth as possible especially thanks to the distance alarms which made parking on the left side as relaxing as a walk in the park.

The “car return” was just as you would expect: No hassle, quick car check, friendly service and off you go and took less than 2 minutes.

For this week and hopefully many more to come the road was mine.

Oh and before I forget the company was founded in 1946 in Detroit and was the first company to rent cars at airports (genius) and is named after its founder Warren Avis. Avis has approximately 5500 locations in more than 165 countries and I am telling you this because Trivia is important in life.

Bon Voyage my friends.

Avis Car Rental Review
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