Delectable Treats at Kikko Ba

Once again the amazing team behind the Mochi Gang (let’s just call it that) has done it again providing the Viennese Clientele with their unique touch of Viennojapanese Cuisine. Smack down in the middle of the hip Schleifmühlviertel next to Bobbys (Britains access to their home food).

Let us quickly go over the interior: Lovely high ceilings, all black structures with wooden elements. I like the approach of going away from the classic hipster “old stuff” thrown around interior design. The place is fairly small and has an outside seating area. But if are polite and charming the crew will always try to find a small corner for you to sit.

As the Mochi team is doing what they do best at headquarters in the second district with dishes that now have become classics here at Kikko Ba it’s a different game. Trying old classics with a new approach and keeping it fresh. I really hope they will keep changing the menu as much as possible. Just go nuts the world is your oyster.


For now my favorites on the menu were the Katsu Sando, a delicious sandwich of a Panko battered pork between two pieces of the softest bread with lots of Mayo, cabbage and Katsu Sauce. It is so good because its sour, sweet, sticky and crunchy.

Ceviche, oh my love….if a restaurant knows their shit as these guys do you get a sour lime infused bowl with cubes of sea bream with lots of cilantro, radishes and tomatoes to freshen up your tastebuds.

The instagram worthy squid tentacle was good especially the famous Spanish red sauce called Mojo Rojo but on a menu like this I would rather skip it and go for the fluffy bing bread with hummus chili oil and roasted sesame seeds.

What I love about this is that from the Katsu to the Bing Bread these guys are bringing you close to the hottest “food trends” in the world without you needing to visit the hipster chefs around the world. I truly hope that the 4 months Pop Up stuff will last us for years to come. I love the idea of a Test Kitchen in Vienna and this is as close as it gets.

Kanpai. Stay thirsty my friends.

There is never enough Japanese food – so if you wanna read more about Japanese food in Vienna check out my Metcha Matcha review

Kikko Ba Website
Schleifmühlgasse 8
1040 Vienna
no reservations
drinks: di-sa 17.00–23.30 h
food: di-sa 17.30-22.30 h