Shokudo Kuishimbo 2

Japanese Foodie Heaven

The original Kuishimbo on the Rechte Wienzeile is a beloved restaurants for years and most Viennes Food Lovers have crammed themselves inside this tiny “restaurant” for some of the best Japanese dishes in Vienna created in a kitchen that might be the size of your closet. Finally after all this time the family Numata decided to open up its second restaurant the Shokudo Kuishimbo and this one is amazing just by the fact that you can sit down and eat without getting claustrophobia.

The interior design is minimal with a hint of Japan but mostly reduced to the essentials – tables, chairs, bar …that’s it.

One important thing: This is a place to get in – eat – enjoy your food and the freaking leave. There are just so many people who would love to eat here and there is still not that much space there. So thanks to anyone who understands.

Let’s get to the food

Of course it is as brilliant as the original because the family is focused to keep the standard just as high. Just to make sure you get the right stuff with your first order here are some of my favorites. A delicious Udon/Sopa noodle soup fresh and flavorful, a delectable Tori Karaage (Japanese Fried Chicken), a crunchy seaweed salad with my favorite Ponzu Sauce and Ginger slices. Next you could go with the Okra beans with Bonito flakes and finish it of with a Donburi of your choice or one of Japans famous dishes the deepfried eggplant in a light Dashi broth – Nasu no Agebitashi.

All in all you basically can’t go wrong with any dish so either go all tapas style and share or order starter and main dish. Either way you will be happy when you leave.


All around the world especially in restaurants that serve amazing food but have small seating areas it is normal to stand in line outside for 10-20 min (order while you are waiting) and sit down enjoy your meal (you don’t need to hurry) but as soon as you are finished you leave. So the people behind you can experience the same thing. Unfortunately this procedure hasn’t trickled down to a lot of the Viennese clientele. My guess is that the Viennese people are so chilled and used to hanging out in cafes for hours occupying a table that this transfers to restaurants sometimes. So be a pioneer and help bring us to the future so we all can devour more good food and these people make a decent buck to keep serving us with delicious dishes for years to come.

Don’t be a dick and complain when you have to wait or they ask you to pay and leave it’s because there are people waiting to eat and next time this could help you find a table faster.

Bon Appetit

Shokudo Kuishimbo Website
Esterházygasse 12, 1060 Wien
Reservations possible for 3 or more guests

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