Foodie Guide to Porto

The Yeatman **

The first restaurant we’re highlighting is the one in Porto we’ve visited with the most Michelin stars: The Yeatman Hotel has got two well deserved stars. Even though we were honoured to take a seat at the table, they courted us. The whole evening we’ve been spoiled with the most surprising flavours paired with matching wines and a beautiful view over the river and city centre of Porto.

The starter consisted of a seaweed package with a culinary fish sensation. After this, another delicious dish out of the sea came to the table. Chef Ricardo Costa decides the menu on the spot, so it’ll be prepared with the freshest products. You can really taste this, and the way it’s prepared makes it even more tasty. I mean, look at that steak!

And finally, the dessert, a cloud of sweet meringue sprinkled with pistachio and as a surprise a delicious pudding below. It was not the prettiest dessert to take a picture of, but it looked great on the table, and the taste was fantastic too. In the end, that’s the most important.

Antiqvvm *

Antiqvvm, in our opinion the most culinary experience of all. So far, the restaurant has earned one Michelin star. You’ll get the Michelin experience the second you walk through the doors. The service is excellent, and the staff is incredibly friendly. This creates a pleasant atmosphere in the restaurant, the perfect balance between magnificence and comfort. Which is complemented by the attractive interior accompanied with the beautiful view over the river.

And now: the dishes. Beautifully prepared, elegantly presented and a sensation for the taste palette. The first course introduced us to the fresh taste of cutlassfish. And after that, I was really blown away. A timeless dish (which is also the name the restaurant chose for it) which was just as fresh but slightly sweeter. My absolute favorite: Foie Gras with smoked eel, apple, balsamic and an elderberry brioche. The blisspoint of sweet and savory.

Excited to taste more, we started with the main courses. Starting off with the fish: a red mullet accompanied with sea urchin, codium, prawn and cauliflower. Again, super fresh, it’s like the fish was caught right before you took a seat. And the following meat dish is also worth mentioning, a lamb steak with ras el hanout, pumpkin, mushrooms and a gravy that paired perfectly with it.

After all of this, we got surprised by almost a complete second dinner of desserts. Starting with the first course of a special cheesecake, of which the cheese has been specially developed by the chef. The second course brought our taste palette back a bit with some sweet but also fresh citrus and lemon. The third course brought us into a chocolate heaven, and like they knew we had a sweet tooth, some more treats came along with the coffee and tea. Four sweet culinary delights to round off this dinner. You could say that was the icing on the cake.

Vogue Café

This restaurant might not have a Michelin star, but you’ll surely feel like a star while having dinner here. This restaurant breaths Vogue the magazine. Stunning fashionable photographs everywhere you look, a classy interieur and of course: fabulous cocktails. Put on your catwalk clothes, you’ll want to shine here.

Starting off with some signature cocktails! Even by just looking at you, they know what to serve you. At least with us, they were so on point. While trying not to empty the glasses too quickly, the challenge what to order is up to you. We had the scallops with caramelized onion and sparkling wine sauce, a traditional Portuguese cheese and smoked meat platter and the burrata salad with roasted pumpkin and toasted pumpkin seeds (best combination ever). And of course, to finish off the dinner we enjoyed a classy dessert: The Charlotte. We both loved it, a fresh and sweet way to end the lovely evening at Vogue.

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