Madame Burger

A not so girly burger joint – Fräulein Burger – made its way into our hearts with its red white chequered interior design the minimalistic flower arrangement and the blablablablaba… so no one who is really into burgers cares really about the interior. So let’s get the important stuff out-of-the-way… good location, you walk up a flight of stairs order at the counter and sit down …they will bring you your burger and drinks. Classic style serving in a basket. Fries are ok but that’s because they are hand-cut and taste “real”. Which I think is fine if you dig this but I need my fries without the skin. Service was nice – this is not a fast food joint so if you think your meal will be done in 5 min go to McDonald’s and eat their garbage.

Burger was tasty and juicy. Meat is flavored nicely and a balance of ingredients make it a fine complete set. The bun was just ok…but I am also not a big fan of the sesame overkill bun…for me a plain bun is always better because sesame its own taste and i rather have them in my asian food than on a burger.

All in all for the burger aficionado this place is worth a visit and to everyone else this is AWESOME!

Burger Fans are a picky bunch and we obsessively think about the perfect burger so please forgive us!

UPDATE: Unfortunately this establishment closed. Stay tuned hopefully this is just for a short while.

Fräulein Burger

Koppenplatz 1
Berlin, Germany