Little Green Cyclo - San Francisco - Banh mi sandwich

We love Food Trucks and thankfully we found this little emerald – The Little Green Cyclo Truck.

Tucked away in an underpass beside the San Francisco Chronicle serving incredibly delicious [high-quality, refined, authentic] Vietnamese Street Food. It’s catered to the greater Bay Area since 2010, with Chef Quynh Nguyen, Monica Wong and Susie Pham serving seasonal dishes with weekly specials that ‪include vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options‬. The day we found it, it was next to Seoul on Wheels, a great choice for Korean BBQ tacos.

For us, what stood out on the Cyclo’s menu was a divine banh mi sandwich that put all the other Vietnamese places selling this yummy dish to shame… especially Banh mi Saigon, supposedly the best banh mi in New York City. The Little Green’s Cyclo’s version had bread that was perfectly grilled, the meat  juicy and crunchy but not dry, with supremely grilled veggies and fresh herbs. Heaven.

This place also understands its clientele. The Bay Area is full of eco-conscious diners who surely appreciate their recycled and bio-degradable containers (no styrofoam or plastic bags) and  besides giving part of their proceeds to a different charity each month, they also donate leftovers to local food banks. So they’re definitely covered on the karma front.

Also try out the truffle oil garlic fries and the sweet potato tater tots and you can wash it all down with their fresh lemonade or mint-infused iced coffee.


The Little Green Cyclo Truck – Click here

For locations and times check their website or find them on Facebook