Mindfu***d. This is the sensation we had once we left this restaurant. Is it a positive feeling? Is it a negative one? It’s both, and it’s none. How would you define that situation where you find your love but it’s just impossible for you to stay with them?

You must be confused, you’re here to read about food and you end up reading about some philosophical (or maybe pathetic) words about god knows what. Let’s take a step back.

A couple of weeks ago we were in Berlin for 24 hours (read the article here, it’s just as mind blowing), and we happened to find a secret gem hidden in a small alley in the district of Kreuzberg. Ladies and Gentlemen, its name is Chicha.

This small yet colorful and hosting place is a restaurant that offers Peruvian specialties (right, Peru has its own food specialties…I guess it really takes considerable knowledge just to realize the extent of your own ignorance).

The menu was somehow overwhelming, as we had no idea of how the plates would look like or what some ingredients even are. One of the staff member, however, helped us out and explained some of their dishes and drinks.

Let me also give you a brief intro on drinks. I’ll expose myself here…I’m not a real fan of beverages. Apart from wine, I find that beverages wash away the taste of your meal, and if the meal is good, this is sad. Water is, for me, the best drink you can have if you want to fully experience your food. So you can imagine my face when the waitress suggested ordering their homemade Pisco Sour instead of my beloved water -_-

Anyway, I ended up ordering one of their drinks and with my surprise I didn’t feel the need of water whatsoever! Its taste went perfectly with what I ate! Bottom line: trust Peruvian waitresses, they give good advice!

So, about the dishes: they are very creative and, honestly, we chose them while our eyes were shut and we pointed our finger on a random spot, since all of them sounded pretty cool! We ended up ordering a Quinoa salad with radish, mango, mint and I don’t know what else, then squid with red onions, Yuca potatoes in tiger milk (It really is tiger milk! Just kidding, it’s a delicious sauce they prepare..), salad wraps with beef, a sweet potatoe purée with ricotta and walnuts and last but not least some Yuca fried potatoes. Have a look at the photos, please.

An explosion of flavors erupted in our mouths as we devoured our plates. A breaking-glass experience that made us realize how little we know about food, no matter how much you eat (and guys, we eat a lot..). *Drum roll* That meal at Chicha probably entered our top-3 meal list of our life. No wait a second, delete the “Probably” in the previous sentence. It is indeed in the top 3 list, hands down.

Unfortunately, in the excitement and agitation of the moment I totally forgot to photograph the menu so I have no idea how these dishes are named. But I think they change them often, and I have the feeling that all of them taste spectacular!

Maybe it was just luck, maybe we were particularly hungry and our memories are exaggerated. Could be.

Or maybe Chicha is as top-notch as we think it is.

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Friedelstrasse 34
12047 Berlin

+49 30 62731010