Isabey Baglari

Isabey Baglari & Bagevi – Wine, Food, Fun and also Planes

As the car approaches our final destination for the day I am enjoying the view out of the window, as the vineyards are mesmerizing at sunset. Isabey Baglari is a restaurant but mainly a famous wine producer in Turkey. Some of their wines have been placed among the best 100 in the world. Additionally the whole area including the restaurant with outdoor seating is lovely to look at and as I get out of the car I am in a good mood already.


This time I start with my favorite wine, a red one, was indigenous to the region and based on a Pinot Noir grape – the name Plato Kalecik Karasi. The first course was a paper-thin Beef Carpaccio with vinegar and tomatoes. From there I ordered the Artichoke heart with huge beans (not my favorite even though I love Artichokes) but the cheese platter was incredible with variations of classical cheeses from gouda to cheddar with a Turkish twist. After that a light Avocado spinach carrot salad with a lime vinaigrette cleansed the palate to prepare me for my steak with potatoes, fried vegetables and gravy. On a side note we also had the lamb with mashed potatoes and deep fried onion slices. I still would go for the steak.

At last the dessert arrived: Chocolate covered strawberries, a side of caramelized pumpkin with pistachio crumbles and walnut stuffed figs with tahini based cream.

Everything was just wonderful with the killer thing I almost forgot: Huge jumbo jets pass over Isabey Baglari so close it insanely awesome, unless you hate planes. I never had the feeling that it was annoying, but was actually waiting to see them and as the evening progressed the planes also settled for the night.

I think with jumbo jets, world class wine, a beautiful setting and good food you can be sure that you are going to have a wonderful evening here at Isabey Baglari.

Bon Appetit.


Isabey Baglari & Bagevi

Gölcükler Mahallesi, 901. Sokak İstasyon Mevkii No:38,

35470 Menderes/İzmir, Turkey


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