At the waterfront – Hotel Wiesler

The Hotel Wiesler gently snuggles up the mur river and is a new destination for those looking for the urban hip stay in the heart of Graz. I’ll start right away with my favorite thing about the hotel Wiesler. At a time where everyone is jumping on the bandwagon of industrial meets contemporary, a design I still love, many hotels miss the mark because of the lack of understanding how to balance and improve on their idea.

The designers behind this hotel understood what was needed and went their own way and you can see that in every corner. My room excelled with eye catchers like a vintage leather chair perfectly situated in the window nook. From there I look around and see that minimalism is key with a few touches of detail like the ornamented washbasin, the wine trunk or the glass cube wall that separates the room to the shower.

I feel relaxed already and that should always be the idea behind creating a hotel room no matter which style you choose.

Breakfast is served in the intensely stylish restaurant. You get the classic breakfast fare with a twist – almost all products are from a local farm in Styria and all of course organic. From soft-boiled eggs, smoked salmon, pickled onions and homemade mustard to bio marmalades and a delectable honeycomb. The WMF coffee machine delivers a perfect Latte Macchiato with every press of a button.

So let‘s just count down a couple of amenities you have here at Hotel Wiesler:

A good stable Wi-Fi connection, an in house Barber who will even shave you Turkish style (google it – it is very interesting), a Sauna, an oriental tea room, a gym and bike rental (very important in Graz) – this is just the stuff you will not get in every hotel and yes a good Wi-Fi connection is important!

Built in 1909 the hotel went through a full refurbishment and restoration in the last years that finished in April 2018. Thanks to the effort and design ideas that came from its owner Florian Weitzer the house stands tall and proud and with a thousand tiny details gathers together what everyone who travels should be looking for. A unique experience.

I had a lovely time here and will be back for sure.

Oh and before I forget – if the Hotel is fully booked the Hotel Daniel in Graz (baby brother to the Hotel Daniel in Vienna) is a good Alternative.


Hotel Wiesler


Grieskai 4-8, 8020 Graz, Austria