Keukenhof – A tulip sensation

So if you are in love with tulips then you probably heard of Keukenhof, if not….I am here to guide you through the most important aspects. Every year this place opens its door to the millions of fans who travel from near and far to enjoy one of the most famous flower parks in the world. This one of course as it is in Holland is dedicated to tulips. The whole park which is gigantic its design is reinvented each year with an eye for perfection.

Located around thirty minutes from basically all cities around it, like Amsterdam, Haarlem or Den Haag it is a main attraction for locals and tourists alike. So let’s try to get the most important thing out-of-the-way first:

Tourists, Tourists, Tourists:

As Keukenhof is beautiful, mesmerizing and a perfect photo location you can imagine the sheer amount of visitors each year. As the helpful staff works day and night to streamline the experience you will still sometimes have a difficulties getting that lovely flowerbed shots without other people blocking it or even finding a quiet spot to relax. To help yourself I strongly recommend visiting the park after 4pm if possible. The light will be softer, big tour groups are slowly leaving and a serene feeling settles over this magnificent park.

This place is decorated each year by 40 gardeners who plant over 7 million bulbs. This glorious achievement of beauty and precision is mind-boggling. Each tulip or other flower (yes of course there are more) is carefully selected so that visitors can enjoy them in full bloom throughout the entire period Keukenhof is open.

What surprised me was the variations on a flower I basically thought had one look. Throughout my walk I encountered over hundred different tulip “looks” and later researched that there are around 3000 registered varieties divided into 15 groups.

Back in the park:

Offering all kinds of entertainment from a maze, inspiration for your home gardening skills, a windmill, children play areas and much more. You should find enough possibilities to keep yourself entertained for at least a couple of hours.

Keukenhof Castle:

During my visit I had time to visit the Keukenhof Castle a serene garden with a 17th century castle. What I loved was that it only took me 15 minutes to walk here and enjoy this pristine and elegant park and at the same time have it almost exclusively to myself. The entry is free and only if you want to see the inside of the castle you need a guided tour.

Afterwards I head to…

Annemarie Pluktuin:

Her sister Hanneke in Flevoland follows a similar concept offering the flower picking experience for those looking to create their own bouquet. A mesmerizing collection of tulip varieties that Annemarie and her husband grow and cultivate (these are for your eyes only) and a huge field for you to explore and pick your favorite flowers. Annemarie’s additionally works with challenged kids which in combination with the floral adventure that she displays makes her place a “should not miss” location.

Live life in full bloom! 2019 theme: Flower Power




Stationsweg 166A, 2161 AM Lisse, Netherlands


Keukenhof Castle


Keukenhof 1, 2161 AN Lisse, Netherlands


Annemarie Pluktuin


Haarlemmerstraat 15a, 2182 HA Hillegom