Newcastle in 24 hours or a little bit more

00:00 Info Time

Let’s do Newcastle in 24 hours because you might want to pack it all into one day. Here on the northern bank of the Tyne sits the city that keeps reinventing itself. Going from coal export to shipbuilding in the 19th century the wealth of Newcastle was reflected in the brilliant architectural design some of which you can still see on Grey Street as you walk along these glorious buildings. But as these industries disappeared they made way for the New Newcastle a city vibrant with cultural and modern architectural highlights.

01:50 Bridge Time

The city is connected via three bridges all of which you should check out. The main bridge Tyne Bridge is probably from the design the most recognizable one and perfectly photographed while standing on the High Level Bridge. This one is from a design point of view worth the walk with the crème colored steel struts going in all directions it has a distinctive vibe of NYC.

I did cross the Tyne Bridge too but actually it wasn’t that exciting until I saw a group of adventure seekers who were zip lining from the bridge to the waterfront. So yeah that’s something to think about, if you need that adrenalin kick in the morning. Walking along the waterfront you can enjoy a coffee or stop over for a quick bite and soon you will see another highlight of the city – the Millenium Bridge. This award winning bridge is sometimes referred to as the ‘Blinking Eye Bridge’ due to its shape and its tilting method.

03:45 Market Area

After you explored all the bridges thoroughly head to the Grainger Market which was built in 1834 and is filled with little stalls selling everything from clothes to food. There you can also find the smallest Marks and Spencer in the world, it’s cute and looks very charming and up to you if you think that’s something you need to see. Much better is all the stuff you can drink and nibble on.

More about the delectable food in Newcastle …. right here.

6:30 Castles and Stuff

If you know me or my account you are aware that I am not a huge fan of castles and churches so just in case you wanna see it here are the highlights: Newcastle Castle, Newcastle Castle Keep & Cathedral of St. Nicholas.

So after the classics here are my favorites:

The bridge tour i mentioned before was a lot of fun.

12:45 Angel of the North

This beautiful mesmerizing contemporary sculpture is so worth the trip! Designed by Antony Gormley it is 22 meters tall and has a freaking wing span of 54 meters. Designed for the coal miners who worked on the exact place of the sculpture and to underline the passing of time from industrial to and information age. ABSOLUTELY BREATHTAKING!

14:15 Sage Gateshead

This unique building is one of the top 5 concert halls on the planet and worth a quick stop over to experience the amazing structural design and best combined with a lovely concert.

16:23 Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art

is the largest contemporary art institution of its kind in the world. Located in a repurposed flower mill it boasts with a collection of amazing exhibitions and activities by some of the world’s most prominent artists.

18:34 Life Science Centre

For a fun day out with the family or your inner child check out the Life Science Centre that hosts an array of science shows, motion simulator rides and a lovely planetarium.

20:00 Food for thought

Most importantly there are lovely places to get some delectable grub around Newcastle and you can read the article about the best places for delicious food right here.

Foodie Guide Newcastle22:25 Books over Books

The Literary and Philosophical Library is a treat for the eye – visually and of course because of all the books. Usually reserved for members if you ask nicely you can stroll around and take in the beautiful design and delve into the depths of philosophy.

24:00 STACK IT

The stack is an area in the center of the city that combines creative shops, good food, live music and a great vibe for your after work/shopping stop over to enjoy a couple of drinks and meet new people.

My time is up. See you soon folks.

PS: The time stamps are not real but more a fun idea to present the passing of time. So don’t go to the library at 22pm. 🙂