DIBS ON DA RIBS – MAUI, HI – USA - A perfect moment at the beach with some ribs

Juicy Ribs at Dibs on da Ribs. Duh.

While we were  waiting for the Geste Shrimp Truck  on an empty lot next to the highway we were killing  time by skipping stones, when this cute little truck caught our eye. With a quirky name like Dibs on da Ribs – it was beckoning to us, calling our names, literally though, the vendor did greet us. We couldn’t resist, “You had us at hello,” we joked, “and at ribs.”

We love ribs. But to create perfect BBQ Ribs is to forge a work of art – it means cooking the meat so tender that it falls of the bone by a mere touch of your fingertip. Our selection was moist and smokey, marinated in a secret “ono” (Hawaiian for delicious) recipe of mango/coconut BBQ Sauce (which they also sell… score!) it is tender and all in all top-notch. It came with a side of rice, salad and banana cornbread. They also serve tasty sweet potato macadamia pie.  We have only one complaint: not enough ribs. But that’s a feeling everyone has with ribs…. enough is never enough.

As a general test: If you start licking your fingers you know its good.

Maybe you can charm this friendly fellow into giving you a bigger chunk or you grab your wallet and gorge yourself until… well the rest is silence.  We stumbled upon, we chose, we conquered.  Portions aren’t huge, but never underestimate the power of ribs. For now, feast on the pictures below.

Location and Opening Hours:

Kahului Harbor, Kahului, Hawaii 96732

Mo 8:00 – 15:00
Tue 8:00 – 14:00
Sat 8:00 – 14:00

More info on facebook.