Momos, Berlin

Deliciously different dumplings at Momos

Your vegetarian/vegan skepticism will dissolve after you tasted the dumplings at Momos in the southern area of Prenzlauerberg, Berlin. Reduced interior design, a couple of little wooden chairs outside and a friendly attitude are the first few ingredients you need for a successful business if you have an innovative idea.

Bringing the Nepalese dumpling called Momo (guess where the name of the restaurant came from) to Berlin was a killer idea because after baozi and jiaozi made the long trip to the heart of Germany it was time for something new. A simple dough of white flour and water makes up the outer shell of the Momo and then these little devils come with four different variations of fillings. From a simple spinach and feta to the asian themed broccoli, shiitake and tofu, it is up to you to find your perfect meal – they are then steamed or pan-fried, before being served with your choice of dip (yogurt/mint, tomato/cilantro or soy/sesame). A hot and hearty soup with your favorite dumplings, parsley, carrots, ginger and sesame oil will warm your belly on a fresh spring morning. 

They had a dream. For the founders Marc and Martin – who had the epiphany to open Momos after a trip to Nepal – the dream came true. For everyone else living in or visiting the foodie-town Berlin (you lucky bastards) this new haven for dumpling lovers will provide happiness and nourishment in times of need, or if you are hungry, or bored, or actually anytime you’re in the neighbourhood.

Khane mukhlai junggale chhekdaina. An eating mouth is not stopped by the mustache is a Nepali proverb, which has nothing to do with this story but is nonetheless very true.


Momos is a unique joint, serving up tasty Nepali dumplings, steamed, fried or in soup. Veggie-skeptics beware, these meatless suckers are to-die-for.


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Fehrbelliner Straße 5, 10119 Berlin, Deutschland
Phone:+49 160 2688177
Mo-Sa 12:00-21:00