Marie Laveau, Stockholm

Soul food and Voodoo at Marie Laveau

Discovering what Marie Laveau really is happens step by step. In the 1900s, Marie Laveau was a renowned Voodoo practitioner in New Orleans who inspired countless legends and mysteries. The hip namesake establishment in Stockholm has plenty of secrets of it’s own. At first it seems like yet another extremely stylish feel good bar with the obligatory burger menu. It was not until we ventured to the restroom that we saw what a diverse establishment it is.

The bar must have had a fantastic interior designer. An old school, black and white checkered floor, glowing neon pink “Marie Laveau” lettering over the bar and high wooden tables bathed in light by low hanging, industrial lamps. Simplicity disrupted by one or two grand gestures!

It was immediately apparent to me that in Stockholm, it is the people that give places their real beauty. The fittingly gorgeous bartender recommended – to our pleasant surprise – not one of the burgers but rather the pork belly sandwich and the southern fried chicken. The soft, handmade sandwich buns held the most tender pork belly that I have ever tasted (thanks to twelve hours of slow roasting). It literally unfolded in my mouth into its full savory glory. The “street salad” confused me. Normally I can put my finger on what ingredient like especially. Was it avocado? Was it coleslaw? Mr. Hot Bartender clarified that it was both, as well as pickled red onions and jalapenos. In the mean time my friend had begun devouring her fried chicken and when I took a bite, I understood why. On the outside it was as crisp as a clear winter morning in the Highlands, and on the inside it was as juicy as the Notorious BIG on his 1994 debut album.

When we went for that aforementioned journey to the bathroom we discovered the mysteries that lie within Marie Laveau. Behind the main room lies another one, which calls itself ‘The Little Quarter’, a separate area, with dim red lighting and extraordinarily tasty cocktails. Next we found ourselves in an art gallery with pictures of Hench boxers on display and as clean as a laboratory. We forgot our natural urge for a moment and interestingly explored this new venture. It is owned by a local artist, RALF, and during the day also serves as a cafe that has a reputation for delicious sandwiches.

At the very end of the little, sterile gallery we reached a staircase sprayed up and down with graffiti and lit only by a tired, slow spinning disco ball. At the bottom of the stairs, having finally reached our destination, it took us a while before we realized why it smelled so funky. This place is not just a great bar, a burger diner and an art gallery but also a nightclub. We were a day late to the party, but XXX – the name of the in-house club – normally offers a plethora of musical options from disco to rock and psy; the owners describe it simply as, “great music”.


The Verdict:
It combines mouthwatering soul food, with quality drinks, art and music. Marie Laveau is a 21st century hedonist’s Utopia no matter what time you show up.

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Hornsgatan 66,
118 21 Stockholm
08-668 85 00
Mon – Wed 17:00-23:00
Thu – Fri 17:00-3:00
Sat 12:00-3:00
Sun 12:00-23:00