Sir Adam Hotel

The Sir Adam Hotel is all up in your business with a whole musically inclined theme to get you jazzed.

Well that was a long opener to the Sir Adam Hotel but all in all it captures the essence to this lovely and very weird hotel. From the huge main entrance area that has everything from arcade games and air hockey to delicious food, a lounge/chill area and a huge bar it was no surprise that I actually had difficulties to find the reception which is in the first floor as the main floor is for entertainment. There I was happily greeted by the staff  and accompanied to my room. 

The room is incredibly cute, maybe cute is not the right word…how about unique. Each room has a main musician as the theme and I was lucky enough to sleep in the David Bowie room. With prints, albums and a guitar adorning the room it felt really cool. An old turntable completed the selection with a variety of cult albums to listen to and the possibility to ask for specific albums on request. 

After I put on the unforgettable Thriller Album I took a quick look around my home to find the cutest welcome board I have ever gotten. Hand cut out letters with, earplugs in a cool metal case and an awesome pin where just dotted around the main map that showcased places to explore.

The shower is literally a door to open and step into what I would basically call a wet-room with off white marble tiles. That white contrast goes perfectly with the contrasty dark grey cement walls that are combined right on your bed.

On the roof of the Sir Adam hotel is a laidback bar with a 360 degree view of the city and a huge swing that swings you out of the tower for adrenaline junkies. Everything is extremely well designed and thought out: the placements of items in the room, colors of the hallways,  the glass roof inside the elevator and so much more. Even though it feels like it has all been put together on a drunken party night there is so much thought and work that went into designing this place to look effortless.

The location is also ideal as it is just a 5min ferry ride over the river from the main train station which is a lovely place to hang out. Something that almost never happens on any other train station around the world. From here you can travel the rest of the Netherlands which you should or get a train right back to the airport in a jiffy.

As I am writing my last sentence I wonder if there was anything I would criticize or improve but there really isn’t but a couple of infos that might enlighten: The Sir Adam Hotel is a lively eclectic place so yes sometimes it will be loud but it isn’t loud all night long and especially not in the rooms. You will not be able to open a window due to the very logic reason that if you could the probability of injuring yourself by falling out of the floor to ceiling windows would be immensely higher.

So since all is said I can only wish you the same joyful stay as I had. 

Bon Voyage.

Sir Adam Hotel
Overhoeksplein 7, 1031 KS Amsterdam, Netherlands

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