Yumcha Heroes, Berlin

Dumpling love at Yumcha Heroes

Located close to Rosenthalerplatz, this restaurant caters to the expectations of chic food lovers with its dedication to one of the most amazing dishes in the world: the dumpling.

Entering through the glass doors you are welcomed by a small, impeccably designed space. The mood lighting, the rustic tables and the decor, reduced to the bare essentials create a well executed presentation of hipness. Time to sit down.

As you rustle through the pages of this well-balanced menu you will stumble on the classics – Edamame (crisp and well salted), Pak Choi (decent but a bit small for 4,50) and an exotic jelly fish carpaccio (yes you heard right). Those are your go-to starters but that’s probably not why you came here.

It’s time to choose your dumplings either in a broth, steamed or pan-fried but we always recommend the steamed dumplings. As those who have been to Ding Tai Fung will understand, this is the way of the samurai. Just kidding… it’s just so much better.

All dumplings are formed by hand, with fresh ingredients and served with three sauces. You can go for the famous and beloved black beef dumplings or go classic (which we did) and order a set of Cho You Bao, Shou Mai and end with the mother of all dumplings: Shanghai (soup dumpling).

Despite the ingredients being well balanced they haven’t figured out the proper size and neglected to steam the dumplings on banana leaves (so some of them stuck to the bamboo steamer – rookie mistake).

As the day settles over the wonderful city of Berlin and you’ve just enjoyed one of the most delicious asian meals ever conceived, you will realize that we in Europe are fortunate to be able to feast on this steamy delicacy, served right at our doorstep.

Don’t sweat the small stuff.

P.S.: Definitely try the tea flowers.

At Yumcha Heroes you can enjoy one of the world’s finest food creations: the dumpling. Served in sultry lighting and by restaurant pros, it might just be the best dumpling in Berlin.


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Weinbergsweg 8, 10119 Berlin, Germany
+49 30 76213035