Watches out!

The Bearing by JP Watch Design and the TUK Watch

No i am not talking about time travel but about changing our future and helping the environment or people in need. Giving money especially if you don’t have a lot of it yourself is a huge step and a beautiful gesture. You could instead eat at that fancy restaurant or take the trip you always dreamt about or buy new clothes or a watch. This is where these two brands try to fit in. They try to combine a well crafted and elegant watches with a good cause.


If you buy a Bearing with its elegant timeless 🙂 design the company will support charities (Oceana, World Land Trust and Water Collective) with 15% of their income. It’s not a lot but most company give 0% so i love the idea that of a business that gives back.


TUK Watches are a taking a bold step and for every watch purchased you are providing a family or school classroom in Cambodia with a water filtration system to allow access to clean, safe drinking water. – the design is minimalistic & modern.


Watch Change Happen… A Fitting Slogan.


As of this moment both companies have not reached their goal yet so go ahead and treat yourself to a beautiful timepiece and at the same time 😉 support a good cause.


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