Essential Camping Gear

Back to nature

I love camping, hiking and being in nature but I am far from being a pro or really having the time to do this longer than a long weekend and it took me quite a while to get all my camping gear together and as I didn’t want to spend too much money I researched a lot for something in the middle where price and quality meet. The list is for a 2-3 person camping trip… so without further ado..

Oh and as I have a lot of friends the recommendation for the US Market come from a buddy of mine who is an outdoor and amazon geek like me.

All articles have been bought and tested by me or my friends and are personal recommendations. If you like it I would appreciate you buying the products using the links provided so we make a buck or two (still no ads on our page). We appreciate the support and hope you like your new equipment.

1. Tent

No chance of camping with one of these :). I like the High Peak and Sundome for its ridiculously awesome price and sturdiness and it’s much better than those throw tents even if you have to set it up yourself (took me 5-10 min) – Both are light and easy to transport.

High Peak Nevada 4 (EUROPE)

Sundome 3 Person Tent (USA)








2. Sleeping Bag

Both bags are a freaking bargain, I know they are not made for anything below freezing but to be honest I would never camp when it’s that cold. I love lush green forests and both are lightweight below 2 kilograms (4 pounds)

ABCO Sleeping Bag (USA)

Black Canyon Yukon Sleeping Bag (EUROPE)











3. Picnic Backpack

Because I like to have all my equipment together I bought the Greenfield picnic backpack for chilled out summers in the park or a camping trip. It looks very British which I love and has everything I need for eating my awesome steak (and it comes with a decent thermos). My buddy put in the Von Shef one and told me it is just as good as mine.

The Greenfield Collection Picnic Backpack (USA)

Von Shef Picnic Backpack (USA)

The Greenfield Collection Picnic Backpack (EUROPE)











4. Cooker and Gas Container

Coleman Cookers are cheap, sturdy and easy to assemble. Good enough for scrambled eggs or stew and best of all is that it fits in my smallest backpack.

Coleman Cooker (USA)

Coleman Cooker (EUROPE)

Gas Container (EUROPE)












5. Sleeping Pad

These pads are self-inflating which means they are packed very small which fits with my love for the little things and are still cheap enough for the casual camper and believe me you don’t want to skip on a pad. A pad is more important than a sleeping bag in summer.

Sleeping Pad (USA)

Sleeping Pad (EUROPE)












6. Crockery

This is a semi must-have because on my last camping trip I grilled every meal :), but if you want something out of a pot or you want to make sides to your grilled steak or eggplant. Additionally this one stacks up neatly to fit in right next to your cooker.

Camping Crockery (USA)

Camping Crockery (EUROPE)












7. Cooler

So this one has two versions: One that just keeps cold drinks cool and the other one is electric. As wild camping is not allowed in so many countries and you have to stay in a designated camping area I would go for the electric because every camping ground has some kind of electrical outlet.

Camping Cooler (USA)

Camping Cooler Electric (USA)

Cooler (EUROPE)

Severin Electric Cooler (EUROPE – electric)



8. Camping Chair

I was just looking for one that holds my ass and that for many years to come. That’s it.

Kijaro Chair (USA)

Camping Chair (EUROPE)


9. Lantern

A light at night is essential, so here is another item that folds :). I seem to be into foldable stuff.

Foldable Lantern (USA)

Foldable Lantern (EUROPE)


10. I couldn’t decide so these are actually two products but I left it at top 10 because top 11 sounds stupid.

Multitool and Portable Grill

So the portable grill I bought because I wanted to be free to choose where I wanted to BBQ and ended up with a fantastic evening so close to the river bed I could dip my toes in the water.

The Multitool is just an awesome tool for all the tiny working moments during a camping trip by Victorinox and I like it better than the Leatherman version because since a year or two Leatherman lost a lot of quality and their tools break more easily.

The only other one I can support is the one from Gerber which is also mostly indestructible.


Gerber Multitool (USA)

Multitool Victorinox (USA)

Multitool Victorinox (EUROPE)

Gerber Multitool (EUROPE)



Esbit Grill (USA)

Esbit Grill (EUROPE)